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Competency in Financial


speconsult is supporting and coaching customers in their objectives

  • to achieve effectiveness, business results and financial stability
  • to master business challenges
  • to develop and apply the necessary systems and competencies
  • to ensure sustainable economic success


  • Enterprises of any kind and any size are organic systems. The success of these systems is built on the competencies of the entrepreneurs, managers and employees
  • Our services are dedicated to the particular needs and economic targets of our customers
  • We measure our own success at the results, which we achieve for our customers
  • We are convinced, that leading and developing people is the key to business success


  • We provide our services based on clear project- and target agreements. We create transparency regarding expectations, progress and results.
  • A "big picture-view" without losing focus on your objectives is essential for us, when we elaborate solutions.
  • We act and execute in a practical, hands-on manner.
  • We co-operate with our customers in a constructive working style and with regular, measurable feedback .
  • We make sure, that the transfer of knowledge and competencies exploit the desired effect.



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